Intercultural Leadership and Technology

The English Master program "Intercultural Leadership and Technology" is designed to specifically meet the needs of professionals with a technically or economically oriented academic degree who are seeking international careers in senior management positions.

The program can be completed online in four semesters, even when you are working. You acquire the course contents via our interactive online learning platform, allowing for complete flexibility. This also gives you the chance to check your learning progress individually at any time.

At the end of each semester you will apply and deepen your newly developed knowledge during a virtual learning phase for up to 8 days. Our lecturers will integrate interactive examinations in this phase.

One of the distinguishing features of our study program is the high practice-orientation.

All our lecturers are experts in their respective fields with either a scientific or an economic background. Our modules include leadership, engineering and intercultural competence. Modules in the area of organizational development, strategic management, leadership and project management lay the foundation for your career in international management.

You will broaden and deepen your intercultural competence, especially regarding leadership and business culture in Germany and Europe. In addition, you can also choose a cultural elective in the second semester.

The first step for you is to update and develop new knowledge in a chosen focus in either computer sciences or engineering. In a second step, you apply these new findings and competences in your company.

When writing the Master thesis in the fourth semester, you can analyze current problems from science and economy.

You can find more information about the application here.

    1. Benefit from the experiences and the expertise of our lecturers from industry and science and expand your personal network
    2. Strengthen your expert knowledge in your business practice by updating and deepening your knowledge of engineering and computer science
    3. Gain and broaden leadership competences to be ideally suited for leadership, especially of intercultural teams
    4. Our blended-learning concept provides you with a maximum of flexibility, so that you are able to study at any time, anywhere
    5. Place the individual focus of your Master studies following your personal and professional preferences
  • At the moment, you can choose from two focus areas – either IT or technology.

    • Principles of Digital Communications
    • Circular Economy
      • Primary and Sustainable Extraction of Resources
      • Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies


    More technical focus areas will be developed and added to our course curriculum. These will be in line with the four research areas of TU Clausthal:

    • Sustainable Energy Systems
    • Securing Resources and Resource Efficiency
    • Advanced Materials and Processes
    • Open Cyber-Physical Systems and Simulation

    The fields of competence (competence in leadership, intercultural competence and (refreshing of) technical competence) can be taken individually as certificate modules or can be integrated in our continous education Master. The certificate modules are generally accepted and recognized. Thus, if taken successfully, they can be fully accredited for any other degree thanks to the European ECTS-system.

  • When studying at CES, you benefit from intensive support and counselling due to small groups as well as targeted interaction and innovative teaching. As this Master's is an online program, the capacity of the individual modules can be raised following demand. Therefore, we can ensure comprehensive student supervision and sustainable learning. This way, CES lays the ground for your next career move.

  • Leadership skills

    • Innovation and Technology Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Organizational Development and Leadership
    • Real-Life Project Seminar
    • Business Simulation Going Global
    • International Project Management live
    • International Marketing and Sales


    Intercultural competence

    • German and European Leadership and Business Culture
    • Cultural Elective 1: Russia
      • Leadership in Russian Companies
      • Russian Business Culture
    • Cultural Elective 2: China
      • Leadership in Chinese Companies
      • Chinese Business Culture


    Competence in engineering and information technology

    • Big Data Management and Analysis
    • Technical Elective 1:
      • Principles of Digital Communications
      • Wireless Systems and Networks
    • Technical Elective 2: Circular Economy
      • Primary and Sustainable Extraction of Resources
      • Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies
  • After completion of the continuing education Master "Intercultural Leadership and Technology“, you will have developed extensive competences in intercultural management and leadership as well as in the chosen engineering or information technological focus.

    The high applicability of our study contents in practice equip you perfectly to become the leaders of interculturally oriented, interdisciplinary teams at the interface of technology and management.

    You will also be an expert of the European and of the Russian or Chinese cultural area and thus meet the special requirements of internationally operating companies.

apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Friederike Paetz

Scientific Director
Phone: +49 5323 72-7910
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Type of program: Master program
Duration: 4 semesters
Language of studies: English
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Course fees:
Enrollment fee: € 1,000
Per semester: € 2,880 study fees, plus € 198 semester fee of TU Clausthal, € 500 examination fees
(Monthly installment deposit possible upon request!)



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Study course flyer Intercultural Leadership and Technology M.Sc.

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