Innovation and Technology Management


The high dynamic in the corporate environment, caused by rapid technological developments and intensifying globalization, companies face the challenge to constantly re-develop their (technology-based) competitive advantages. In the module "Innovation and Technology Management", students develop knowledge of technological dynamics and how to manage these, as well as a holistic understanding of innovation management.

Learning Objective "Innovation Culture and Management":

  • Students understand innovation as a source of competitive advantages.
  • They also understand the role of innovation cultures and dynamic abilities in innovation management.
  • Students know and understand different innovation strategies and processes, and forms of organizing innovations.
  • They understand the importance and the different measures of successful innovation.

Learning Objectives "Technology Management":

  • Students understand the processes of both technological and industrial development as well as industry disruption.
  • They are able to apply their theoretical knowledge to analyze the impacts of technologies on existing industries.
  • Students understand the measures companies use to administrate and get access to technologies in order to gain competitive advantages.

Thanks to the blended-learning concept, students are able to develop these skills in their own time. In a two-day interactive workshop, students will get to understand additional important innovation methods.

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This certificate course can be credited to the master program "Intercultural Leadership and Technology".