Certificate programs

TU Clausthal has anchored the principle of lifelong learning in its educational mandate. At the university-internal scientific continuing education institution Clausthal Executive School, we offer not only continuing education study programs but also certificate programs.

Your motivation to take on a continuing education program might be very different: Are you looking to pursue continuing education for personal reasons? Or to improve your performance at your current job? Or do you need new technical or methodological knowledge for a professional change? Do you want to deepen your current knowledge or simply gain insights into new (technical) areas? Then Clausthal Executive School is the right fit for you! In our certificate programs, we offer you a high degree of practice-orientation. All our lecturers are experts in their respective fields with either a scientific or an economic background who implement the latest teaching and learning methods and thus promote continuing education on the highest university level!

You want to enjoy continuing education without having to invest a lot of time? To help you do that is why we created our certificate programs! The certificate programs at CES are characterized by their compact and well-structured format. In these formats you will be able to develop new technical and methodological knowledge in various fields in no time!

Our certificate programs are mainly following the blended-learning concept (i.e. learning videos + (virtual) on-campus phase) so that you can flexibly adjust your learning schedule.  Thanks to the learning videos and exercises on our virtual learning platform, you are not only independent when it comes to your location during your studies, but also when it comes to the virtual on-campus phase - max. 2 days per certificate program!

So continue your journey towards lifelong learning: Where ever and whenever you want! In your own time and in close contact with your lecturers!

Many of our certificate programs are decoupled from our continuing education study programs. With successful completion of a certificate program you can get it accredited for the overarching continuing education program.

Clausthal Executive School currently offers you 9 different certificate programs in various fields. Learn more about the contents of our courses and select the certificate programs best-suited for you!

Register by July 01, 2022, for our certificate programs to participate in summer semester 2022 using our enrollment form!

(BL = Blended Learning Konzept, E = English, D = German)