Organizational Development and Leadership


What is needed from a captain to lead the ship through a storm?
What does the crew need from a captain to continue performing while being in great danger?

In our module “Organizational Development & Leadership” we will look into the fascinating topic of leading organizations and particularly leading and managing the change of organizations. Thus, the module consists of the two courses “Leadership & Leading the Change” and “Change Management: Dynamic in Organizations”. In the courses you will experience a combination of scientific models, pragmatic hands-on guidance and real-life case studies. In the on-campus days at the end of the module (we meet physically or virtually), you will apply the insights of the courses in a comprehensive transformation case and lead and manage a change project yourself. Thus, after completing the module you will be well prepared to lead a ship yourself, handle the needs of the crew and successfully reach new shores with your organization.

Learning Objectives for “Leadership and Leading the Change”:

  • Distinguish leadership styles
  • Describe leadership tasks and tools,
  • Present methods for change management
  • Apply the aforementioned skills in case studies

Learning Objectives for “Change Management: Dynamic in Organizations”:

  • Recognize and distinguish different forms of organizational change
  • Describe models and phases of organizational change
  • Present methods to manage organizational change
  • Apply the aforementioned skills in case studies

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This certificate course can be credited to the master program "Intercultural Leadership and Technology".

Dr. Michael Lindemann