Strategic Man.

Strategic Management

Description International Strategic Management:

International Business is one of the main pillars of Germany´s Economy. International markets are an appropriate option for successful companies. To enter theses markets companies have to rethink their strategy because markets differ regarding customers, product configuration, value chain and overall circumstances.

The modul contains different topics e.g.

  • different kinds of internationalization
  • analyzing international markets and business environments
  • concepts and organisation of international companies
  • internationalization strategies
  • value chain configuration
  • marketing strategy

Participants are able to

  • understand the bases of international companies.
  • understand and analyze different concepts of
  • international companies.
  • understand the organization forms of international companies and put them into practice.
  • understand, analyze and apply strategies for
  • internationalization in their work environment

Description Business Model Management:

The course teaches fundamentals of business model innovation research as well as established approaches for practical analysis, assessment, and design of customer-centric business models, such as development of personas, derivation of target market segments, and development and adaptation of value proposition canvas and business model canvas. Furthermore, relationships of business model components to the market or resource-based view as the cause of competitive advantage are also established. The course is designed to be very practical. The approaches and concepts taught will be illustrated with a focus on practical examples from mobility markets and participants will be motivated to apply the concepts learned to mobility companies and mobility users. Using an intuitively understandable industry, participants will then be able to transfer the course content to industry contexts relevant to them.

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This certificate course can be credited to the master program "Intercultural Leadership and Technology".

Dr. Karsten Jänsch

Dr. Isabella Grahsl